The Natural Preferred® Implant  In cases where there is a need for a full mouth restoration, The Natural Preferred® procedure offers an entire mouth restoration with all the benefits of a single implant and more. The Natural Preferred® solution is not a denture or a hybrid denture; it is a full-arch fixed prosthesis. It’s designed to restore your mouth to its natural shape. To give you the feel you remember and a smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Natural Preferred® dramatically reduces time in the dental chair and laboratory costs. It’s an immediate change to your face structure, smile, dental hygiene, and self-esteem. The time from surgery to functional use is as little as 48 hours in some cases. It’s the top procedure Affordable Dental Near Me dentists perform when the circumstances allow.

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Natural Preferred

The Natural Preferred® System Advantage

The heart of the Natural Preferred® Implant consists of a screw-retained metal framework which provides cross-arch stabilization.

The structure allows for a final restoration that has exceptional strength and outstanding looks. The restoration is supported by a wide flat platform which eliminates the need for implant parallelism.

This is very important because it removes the necessity of relying on a retaining screw for support. This frees the dental surgeon to place the implants in the best area where the amount and quality of jawbone are more suitable.

In addition, the metal framework also provides stabilization for the implants, especially during the healing phase. It’s an innovative full mouth restoration that improves your oral health, looks, and life altogether.


The Natural Preferred®

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