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Who do we, you and us consider a good implant dentist? Well, the implant procedure involves drilling, measuring, screwing, cleaning, polishing, matching color and more. If these attributes were not written in this booklet, you would think we are talking about a carpenter or a metal sculptor. And in fact, you are right – in a way. The super-star dentists who work with must be an experienced dental sculptor, handy and book smart. Our dentists know the latest procedure literature and have the hours and hours of implant experience so you know you’re in good hands.

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Restoration of the top or bottom archRestoration of the top or bottom arch

A few procedures will replace your entire top and bottom arch. But there is one significant difference in the aesthetic results.

  • One creates a double gum and may slightly alter your face structure and smile.
  • The second is ‘natural preferred® procedure. With Natural Preferred® you regain your natural look and perfect your smile. It is an innovative implant procedure that has set the new standard for implants and you can have it today.

A micron titanium-developed metal arch is custom built and secured to your gum. It holds your entire gum, jawbone, and implants. Its solid structure prevents any movement of the teeth or the posts and gives you back your natural look, smile, and self-esteem.

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Call today (855) 662-1010 and make your appointment with an affordable dentist near you!

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