No More Loose Dentures

Loose dentures can be a nightmare. They can affect the way you speak and give you a horse toothed look, only adding to your embarrassment. Loose dentures are uncomfortable and painful to wear. Then there’s that awkward clicking and snapping noise that comes when you chew…

Loose Denture Health Issues

Dentures that don’t fit can not only cause embarrassment but make eating a painful experience. Some denture wearers just eat soft foods and avoid a lot of healthy and delicious foods like vegetables, meat, nuts, and seeds. Overtime, avoiding these foods can cause loss of healthy weight, malnutrition, and even eating disorders.

Mouth Damage Caused by Loose Dentures

Loose dentures can chafe your gums and cause severe inflammation in your mouth. Swollen gums can easily become infected and lead to more costly dental visits. Dentures that don’t fit can affect your bite and damage your jaw joints.  Stressed jaw joints lead to headaches, neck and facial pain, and can be debilitating in some cases.

Jaw bone atrophy is the most serious denture related problem. Your jaw bone cannot form new bone on its own. Constant wear and tear from loose dentures cause your jaw bone to dissolve in a process called resorption.

Affordable Dental Near Me

Our dentists will anchor your dentures and give you the perfect denture fit. You can have a great look, live pain free, and eat all the delicious and healthy foods you want. Call today and we’ll make sure your dentures never feel loose or painful again.

Call today (855) 662-1010 and make your appointment with an affordable dentist near you!

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