The more I kiss, the fewer cavities I have.

I am flossing, brushing –  and kissing more!

Kissing increases saliva flow, which helps prevent tooth decay. Kissing is one of nature’s natural cleaning tools. The Academy of General Dentistry recognizes that kissing stimulates saliva, which washes out your mouth. The saliva helps remove cavity-causing food particles that accumulate after you eat.

Saliva contains mineral ions that can promote the repair of small lesions in tooth enamel.

White Teeth Get More Kisses

Do you want to kiss a garbage can? Of course not. Yellow teeth send a message. They say “Hey, stay away!” Stained yellow teeth are a turn-off. Nobody wants to get friendly with a mouth full of yellow. White teeth equal clean teeth. Think of it. Do you want to eat off a white plate with stains? No, you want a shiny white clean plate.

Simple. Easy. Fast.

Teeth whitening is simple, easy, and fast. You can transform your smile in as little as one teeth whitening session. There’s a number of different effective whitening systems to choose from. Some whitening systems are done all in the dental office. Some whitening systems can be carried out at home.

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More benefits of Whiter Teeth

Aside from getting more kisses white teeth can improve a lot of areas in your life.

Self-confidence boost – When you know you look good you’re going to be more confident.

Minimizes wrinkles – A whiter smile takes the focus off your face. White teeth become the focal point of your face diminishing other flaws.

Affordable – Teeth whitening is the most cost-effective transformation you can invest in.

Ready for more Kissing and Fewer Cavities?

Affordable Dental Near Me can put you in the hands of a dentist who can generate more kisses for you. Don’t forget to floss and brush daily – but more kissing never hurt anyone.

Call today (855) 662-1010 and make your appointment with an affordable dentist near you!

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